About BCCS

Brahmaputra Cancer Care Society (BCCS), Mumbai is a voluntary nonprofit organization established in 2010 for the noble cause of extending support and care to the cancer patients and their families. Lots of cancer patients, especially from the North Eastern states of India come to Mumbai for better treatment and medical support. The patients of the dreaded disease and their families from different backgrounds and ages undergo a damning mental distress, hopelessness and turmoil. Poor economic condition of many of the patients leads to the need of every support right from the onset of their journey for better medical aids. The whole process is excruciatingly painful and devastating. The treatment process pushes them to the verge of losing the bread for the remaining family members.

Understanding the grievous situation of the problem, a group of likeminded people came forward and shared the views and ideas for the purpose of doing something for the relief of the patient's plight. Slowly, the whole idea started precipitating towards taking up definitive activities for the good and benefit of the patients. The group became more concerned and committed towards fulfilling the commitments made in their own volition. This led to establishment of Brahmaputra Cancer Care Society, Mumbai. The society is made all efforts to understand the need, priority and availability of cancer care services and identified the areas such as nutritional support, medical counseling, accommodation and logistics etc. after deliberations with other charitable organizations working in this area. The society is extending help and support to the cancer patients coming to Mumbai for better medical aid, especially from the North Eastern part of the country.

BCCS is a highly committed team of doctors, entrepreneurs, professionals, lawyers, artists, homemakers etc. and dedicated to extend services to the patients in need.


Keeping in view the above perspectives, Brahmaputra Cancer Care Society, Mumbai committed to provide necessary services where immediate attention is urgently required.

Our mission is to provide unrelenting supports to the needy patients and seek to take along with us who wishes to join us in this noble effort.


The treatment of cancer and the cancer care is more of palliative nature rather than medication. The families of the cancer patients experience a painful process along with the patient. The helplessness of the situation takes a toll on the family and their kith and kin. The trick is to culminate the thoughts into implementable activities. There are many organizations already working in different areas of services for care and benefit of the cancer patients. Therefore, we made all efforts to focus our activities directly benefiting the patients and not covered by the other organizations.

On going initiatives

In line with the ongoing activities, BCCS is planning to organize a cancer detection camp in association with Indian Cancer Society and a Blood Donation Camp in association with Tata Memorial Centre at Navi Mumbai. BCCS is also planning to expand its activities with cancer awareness programs to the North-Eastern part of India.

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Brahmaputra Cancer Care Society (BCCS)
Flat No - 92, Building No -1A
Windermer C.H.S, Oshiwara
Mumbai-400053, India

Email : brahmaputracancer.care@gmail.com