In addition to the specific areas of our activities the following aids were provided from time to time since the inception of BCCS, Mumbai

  • Water Purification and Hot & Cold water dispensing system for the cancer patients at Assam Bhavan, Vashi, Mumbai
  • Financial assistance for a prosthetic limb for a cancer patient for amputated leg.
  • Financial assistance and association for cancer detection camp organized by The Mahakali Advanced Locality Management Committee, Andheri, Mumbai.
  • Special medical counseling, interaction with experts, distribution of medicine and utility kit to the patients on BCCS establishment day.
  • Provided stretcher and collapsible wheel chair for the benefit of cancer patients at Assam Bhavan,Vashi, Mumbai and Deepsikha Cancer Care Foundation.

Medical Counseling

The panel of doctors of BCCS attends to the cancer patients for counseling and understands the critical issues, explains the side effects of the treatments and provides required medical services. The doctors also advise the escorts/attendants to help the patients fight with the disease, clear their doubts and come out of their mental agony. Depending on the need, the doctors liaise with different hospitals for any practical problem during the course of treatment.

Nutritional Support

Patients undergoing radio or chemotherapy need additional nutritional support. The doctors of BCCS advise them suitable foodstuff and help them in identifying the required protein supplements. BCCS offers free nutritional support to the cancer patients.

Accommodation and Logistics

Getting a suitable and affordable accommodation and transportation from the place of stay to the place of treatment is a usual problem, which drains the patients and their escorts physically, mentally and financially. The BCCS volunteers help them to find suitable accommodation in the vicinity of the hospitals. 

On going initiatives

Apart from the usual activities, BCCS endeavors organizing various musical therapy programmes for diminishing the mental stresses of the cancer patients and events like free medical check-up camps, cancer awareness camp etc.

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